10 Business Opportunites after Covid-19

Ten Business Opportunities After Covid-19
Online Projects
High-tech Industries
Various Delivery Platforms
Online Office Software
Home Office Products
Online Consulting
Medical and Health
Short viedos
Online games
Online education
payment for knowledge will encounter unprecedented development opportunities and even blowouts
Unmanned retail
Unmanned catering
Drone delivery
there will be no waiters in the service industry in the future.
Door-to-door service
Vegetable delivery
Customized carteing delivery
Office software
especially office software that can realize individual collaboration, is the future trend, and work is no longer restricted by geographic space.
Home furniture
Home entertainment equipment
Home office furniture, home entertainment equipment, the era of the rise of individuals, in the future, more and more people will work at home and work remotely.
Same city logistics
Errand services
In the same city logistics, errand services, etc., people in the future will become more and more lazy, more independent, and less and less interested in contact with people.
Private doctor
Private psychologist
Online consulting
With private doctors, private psychologists, and various online consultation services, more and more people will need psychological comfort in the future
Rural ereas
Various projects that can penetrate into the community, including rural areas, and help the society to carry out grid management projects.
The medical and health care industry continues to maintain a high growth momentum, and people earn more money to buy health, including physical and mental health
When people stay at home, they will try to find something funny which would spend a lot of time for playing cyber games;
Interacition with others, except for the playing, it can also making friends with others
Online community for the same goal or purposes
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