5G Time
1G: Analog technology
2G: Digital voice communication
3G: Multimedia communication
4G: The era of wireless broadband
Fiber-like access rate
Connectivity of hundreds of billions of devices
Zero-latency user experience
Ultra-high flow density, ultra-high connection density, ultra-high mobility
Over a hundredfold energy efficiency improvement, over a hundredfold bit cost reduction
Information at your heart, everything is at your fingertips
1. Enhance mobile broadband
2. High reliability and low latency scenarios
Three major scenes
3. Mass machine communication
All aspects of life
4K/8K video frequency
Internet of Things
Commanding heights
In 2018, the three major operators had 4.17 million base stations, 5G will exceed 1.2-1.5 times
Indoor hotspot scene: traffic density: 10Mbit/s/m2
Dense urban area: user experience rate: 100Mbps
Ultra low power consumption, ultra low cost
Connection density: unlimited
Macro base station
Micro base station
Investment scale
Pi Base Station
5G over trillion
Reliability: 99.999%
Delay: 1 millisecond
Femto Station
Small-scale trials in 7 cities in 2018
2017 5G field experiment base
China Unicom
Covering radius of 200m-10m
February 2016, 5G Joint Innovation Center
Key cities and regional businesses in 2020
More cities to promote and commercialize in 2019
In November 2017, end-to-end 5G core air interface system interoperability
In May 2017, 5G remote control driving demonstration
China Mobile
Covering radius of 200m-10m
5G technology trials in the second half of 2018-the second half of 2020
5G commercial in late 2019
United States
Commercial after 2020
2018-2019, 5G product research and development trials
From 2016 to mid-2018, 5G technology research and development trials
Global development scale
Large-scale commercial use in key cities and regions in 2020
2019 scale and pre-commercial trials
2018 small-scale field trial
2017 6-city demonstration network trial
5G Open Lab in October 2016
China Telecom
Thousands of base stations will achieve large-scale business in 2020
Pre-commercial trials in 100 cities in 2019
2018 5-City Outfield Experimental Network
Domestic progress plan
5G business in the second half of 2020
5G technology trials in the second half of 2017-end of 2020
5G commercial end of 2019