10 Application Scenarios in 5G Time

10 Application Scenarios
in 5G Time
Cloud VR/AR
Internet of Vehicles
Smart manufacturing
Smart energy
Wireless medical
Real-time computer image rendering and modeling
Personal Al assistance
Wireless home entertainment
Networked drone
Social network
Smart City
Ultra HD 8K video
Professional inspection and security
Ultra HD live broadcast
Hands-free information service
Al-enabled video surveillance
Cloud VR/AR will greatly reduce equipment costs
Cloud gaming
Big data with small delay
Panorama live
Guide helmet
Remote control driving
Wireless robot cloud control
Significantly reduce energy waste in power plants
Feeder automation
Remote diagnosis with force feedback
Real-time health management, tracking patients, medical records
Active monitoring of patients through the Al model
smart city is an urban area that uses different types of electronic Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to collect data. Insights gained from that data are used to manage assets, resources and services efficiently; in return, that data is used improve the operations across the city. 
Hands-free kits can be used with cell phones for convenience, comfort, and improved safety. These systems reduce the absorption of RF radiation in the head because the phone’s antenna
By wearing for better guide in road or search things conveniently.
People will have more possibility to perceive the sense that TV brought to them
Easier to contact with others
To protect people's house and give some advice according to the data
People could play more games, since the storage is becoming cloud and all the things stored in the computer, and it's better to analyze users preference.
Add excietement into the experience of watching movie or TV
There is no need to drive cars in person.
Like Tesla, this technology can be greatly used in car driving.
The robots or machines will replace the people to work, and their efficiency and productuvity is better than human beings.
Feeder automation range offers overhead and underground solutions from Fault Passage Indicators (FPI) and communicating FPIs to full remote control and monitoring solutions. 
There is no need to come to the phamacy, just contact the personal doctor from the internet.
Manage the records
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