Cultural Development

Cultural Innovation
It not only promotes the development of social practice, but also promotes the prosperity of national culture
Cultural innovation can promote the development of social practice. Promoting the development of social practice is the fundamental purpose of cultural innovation and the fundamental criterion for testing cultural innovation.
Cultural innovation can promote the prosperity of national culture
Based on practice
Fundamental way
Inherit the tradition and bring forth the new
which performed
Traditional cultural meaning
Basic approach
Cultural diversity
which performed
Take the essence, get rid of the dross, criticize and inherit, use the past for the present
① Stability ② Nationality ③ Inheritance
Facing the world and learning from others
the reason
①Traditional customs②Traditional architecture③Inheritance
in principle
It is a relatively stable culture formed in the long-term historical development and retained in real life
We must identify with our own national culture, but also respect other national cultures, learn from each other, seek common ground while shelving differences, respect the cultural diversity of the world, and jointly promote progress
Stick to the right direction and overcome the wrong tendency
Cultural communication
Ethnic festivals, cultural heritage
①The social practices of all nations in the world have commonalities and universal laws ②There are differences
Commercial trade, population migration, education
Must follow the principle of equality of all ethnic cultures
Mass media