What Was Hitler's Foreign Policy

Treaty of Versailles
Many Germans started asking for revenge,
especially after being told that they are wholly
responsible for the war.
The Treaty of Versailles said that they
were not allowed to negotiate over the
Many Germans attacked the new Weimar
democratic government for signing the Treaty of
They were not allowed to
remilitarise the Rhineland but did in
What Happened
German Rearmament
Hitler argues that the Treaty was unfair and
that ever country should have had the right to
defend its self.
Germany withdrew from the World
Disarmament because no other country
would disarm.
Germany reintroduced
conscription which broke the
Hitler ordered the German armed
forces to rearm and prepare for
Hitler remilitarised the Rhineland
again violating the Treaty of
The Saar plebiscite
When a vote was held to see if the Saarland
should be given back to Germany 90% of the
population voted for.
The treaty of Versailles gave control of the
Saarland to the League of Nations and for 15
years France were to control the coalfields
Remilitarisation of the Rhineland
Hitler did this as he saw how the League did
nothing when Manchuria and Abyssinia were in
the same position.
Hitler gave his soldiers orders to
withdraw if there was any conflict with
Britain thought of the Treaty as being too
harsh on the Germans so they had another
reason for not reacting.
The Anschluss
Hitler wanted to unite all
german speaking countries
Austria was a German speaking
country and Hitler was also born in
A plebiscite resulted in a 99.75% of
Austrians voted for the union with
The Sudetenland crisis
Hitler demanded that Czechoslovakia handed
over part of their country called the
The Sudetenland was important as it bordered
Germany and Czechoslovakia, also that it was
where many of the "Fortresses and factories" were
Hitler threatened war.
They organized the Munich
agreement to try and negotiate
peaceful terms.
The Munich agreement
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