Using Mind Map for Art Creation

Using Mind Maps for Art Creation
Find Your Niche
Write "my art style" at the center of the mind map
Where your attention is mostly upon
Develop Your Niche
Expand it after you have found your niche
Create your map with everything that is linked to that niche
Planning to do on in the future
Prominent people you meet, internet blogs and niche-related forums
Plan Your Art Festival
Which you choose to submit, dates, criteria
Where they are, and the audience that they draw
How much artwork you like and how many you need to price
How do you pack it and bring it to and from the exhibition
Come Up With New Ideas
Write Business Plan
Get Ideas for Fashion Blog
brainstorm ideas
next series of paintings you want to come up with
Chance to refine a strategy in a manner
Best for the use of your business
blogging or stuck trying to think of content ideas
A map branch may be an idea for a brand new post
Find Your Income Streams
Existing sources of income
Bring you some revenue in the future
What You Can Do
Figure out if you need assistance with your company
What you can do on your own
Map The Website
Plan Your Month
Mind mapping is a simple solution
How many projects you have already scheduled for a given month
Whether you have enough flexibility to consider new proposals
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