How To Study for the MCAT

Start early
Do practice problem
Don’t just focus on your strengths
Take it easy
Don’t overload yourself
Mind Mapping
Get expert advice
Know when you’re ready
Don't cram for the MCAT
Start your actual exam planning 2 to 6 months prior to the test
Six months before the day of the examination, take the first screening evaluation assessment, and see where you are
The best way to improve your logical thinking capacity, as it relates to MCAT results, is to do some practice problems
use the practice tests to help you determine where your strengths and weaknesses lay
Using this knowledge to build your study schedule
During your MCAT planning time, do not overwhelm yourself by taking too many undergraduate courses
Having a lighter learning load would allow you more time and mental energy
Mind mapping is the perfect tool to make learning fun and at the same time that you cover a topic to its depth
MindMaster is one of the best tools to create such mind maps that can help you sort out everything to give you more productive results
Get guidance from people who have received a high score on the MCAT
Many MCAT training courses are taught by people that have scored high on MCAT
MCAT creators are much more interested in checking your abilities to understand and apply ideas than they are in your ability to absorb and memorize facts
they want to see how you fully understand the physical, biological and chemical processes involved
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