90 Days of Business Plan

90 Days of Business Plan
Overall Strategy and Themes
Create synergy between
TSM, RSM, RVP and Key
Account Division
Develop intracompany marketing program
Obtain $1,000,000 in new
business during first year
Demonstrates an obsession for
customer service through customer
90 Day Plan
Cooperative Group Resources
Cleinman Meetings
Utilize Prospect List to Attend
Cleinman meetings to Target Key
State Association Meetings
Utilize Prospect List to Attend State
Association Meetings to Target Key
Execute Call Cycle Program
Group 1 Existing Customers
with Growth Opportunity
Group 2 Prospects with
TSM/RSM Relationship
Group 3 Prospects with
Cleinman or other
cooperative group
Group 4 Prospect with no
TSM/RSM relationship (cold)
Establish Projected Sales Pipeline based
on Achievable and Qualified sales
Quarter 1
Quarter 2
Quarter 3
Quarter 4
Continue to learn skills to provide
customers with business building
30 -- 60 Days
Develop Strategic Call and
Touch Cycle for Prospects
Coincide with TSMs when applicable
Create comprehensive
prospective customer database
Import notes across platforms (evernote)
Create upward reporting on
sales calls for Prospects from
Establish Relationships with
Regions (TSMs and RSMs)
Training to Identify Key Accounts
Territory Sales Managers
Prospective Key Accounts in Territory
Existing Accounts with Key
Account Potential in Territory
Establish quarterly communication
process to update on Key Accounts in
Territories Status Updates and Next
Action Steps
State Association Meetings
Obtain list of State Association Meetings
Independent Key Account
Prospect Research
Understand competitor
activities within territory
through SWOT
First 30 Days
Regional Sales Managers
Regional Sales Meetings
Obtain schedule of Regional
Sales Meetings to Participate In
Existing Key Account Prospects
Learn sales objectives
Service any existing accounts immediately
Learn the Ringisho processes
Marketing Ringisho
Sales Ringisho
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