Achieving Operational Excellence Customer Intimacy Enterprise Applications

Achieving Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy Enterprise Applications
Enterprise Resource Planning
Centralized database
Human Resources
*hours worked
*labor cost
*job skills
Manufacturing and Production
*product schedules
*shipment dates
*product capacity
Sales and Marketing
*sales forecast
*return requests
*price changes
Finance and Accounting
*cash on hands
*accounts receivable
*customer credit
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Knowing the customer
In large businesses, too many customers
and too many ways
customers interact with firm
CRM systems
Capture and integrate customer data from all
over the organization
Consolidate and analyze customer data
Distribute customer information to various
systems and customer
touch points across enterprise
Provide single enterprise view of customers
niche tools to largescale
enterprise applications
Partner relationship management (PRM)
Employee relationship management (ERM)
Sales force automation (SFA)
Customer service