Catholic Map of Europe

Catholic Map of Europe
The increasing power of the. the Church acquired great economic power. By the year 1050, it was the largest landholder in Europe.
Roman Catholic Church Gaining Power
Sacraments and salvation in the Middle Age. The Church taught that people gained salvation, or entry into heaven and eternal life, by following the Church’s teachings and living a moral life. Failing to do so condemned the soul to eternal suffering in hell.
A baby getting baptized in the
Roman Catholic Church.
Pilgrimages. Pilgrims traveled long distances to visit holy sites. Pilgrims went on these journeys to show their devotion to God, as an act of penance for their sins, or in hopes of being cured of an illness.
These people are traveling to
show their love and devotion to
Christian Roman church takes shape. All Christians in western Europe, all belonged to one church.. Which became known as the Roman Catholic Church. Over time, Church leaders developed an organization that was modeled on the structure of the old Roman government
Roman Catholic Church
Organization of the Roman Catholic church. By the High Middle Ages, they had created a system in which all clergy members had a rank. The pope, who was the bishop of Rome, was the supreme head of the Roman Catholic Church
Pyramid of how the Roman
Catholic Church was