Urinary System

Urinary System
The bladder is in the device cavity.
The urethea is below the pelvis.
Renal blood supply
1/4 of bodys blood supply passes through
the kidneys every min.
The Nephron
Functional unit of the kidney
most are cortical nephrons
3 layered tubes
transitioned epithelium and goblet cells
smooth muscle
Areola connective tissue contacting blood
vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerves.
plant into the bladder at a shallow angle.
Peristalsis moves urine from renal pelvis to
the bladder.
The Urninal Bl...
situated behind the symphysis pubis.
Folds of peritoneum holds it in place.
The desirous is 3 layers of smooth muscle.
The Kidneys
external anatomy
each kidney is shaped like a kidney bean
12 x 6 x 3 cm in size
the indentation on its media border is called
renal helm
perivepetic fat surrounds kidneys anchors
the kidneys to the posterior abdominal.
underneath lives a renal capsule
connective tissues that shapes and protects
the kidneys.
Internal anatomy
can be divided into 2 regions
Outer light red renal capsule
inner dark red/brown renal capsule
contains 818 pyramids separated by
functionally has 2 zones
functional area
contex 1 millions nephrons found in each
striped appearance is due to tightly packed
pactical loops of henle.
drainage area
Renal papilla 1000's of papillary ducts
drain urine.
Minor calyces drain into 23 major calyces
major calyces drains into the renal pelvis.
Normal urine
volume 2000ml per 24 hours
yellow/amber In colour
clarity transparent when fresh
smell mild aromatic when fresh
pH should range from 4.68.0
specific gravity range 1.001 1.035
water, urea, uric acid, creature and excess
inorganic salts
albumin, glucose, red + white blood cells,
ketonic bodies, bilibin, urobilden and
In women
is 4cm long
travels slightly curved as passes inferiorly
through the pelvis floor into the perineum.
In men
is 20cm long
bends twice along its course
male bladder is slightly bigger than females
less likely to get urine infections.
It is the exit tube from the bladder to the
outside the flow of urine is controlled by 2
muscular spincher.
internal uretha sphincter
external uretha sphinchter
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