Consequences of Exploration

Consequences of Exploration
Growth of Slave Trade
Demand for workers in mines
Lots of natives died, used African slaves
Made fortunes for merchants
Abolished in 19th century
Empires in new lands
Hernando Cortes and the Aztecs
Religious ceremony
Francisco Pizarro and the Incas
Room full of treasure
Spanish empire
Fleet of treasure every year
Council of the Indies
Other empires
English in North America
Dutch won spice islands
French controlled Canada
Goods exchanged between
new world and Europe
To the new world
Wheat, cotton, sugar
Horses, pigs, cattle
To Europe
Coffee, chocolate, tobacco, pineapples,
potato, turkeys, vanilla, corn
Impact on the Natives
Poor treatment
Land taken
Sold as slaves
Forced to work
Changes in European world view
Major changes
African coastline
New sea route to east
World much bigger
New continent
Pacific Ocean
World was definitely round
Conflicts between
European powers
Treaty of Tordesillas
Other countries wanted some
English attacked Spanish
Dutch conquered many Portuguese
Wars between Dutch and English
French and English were rivals