Count of Monte Cristo Character Web

Count of Monte Cristo Character Web
Dantes andhis aliases
Edmond Dantes
He was framed for spying
When Dantes Was disguised as
The Count
Name Jacopo gives Dantes
when he gets on Jacopo's ship.
Lord Wilmore
Dantes Uses this name to write
a letter.
Sinbad the Sailor
When Dantes was disguised as
a sailor
Abbe Busoni
When Dantes was disguised as
a priest
Number 34
Known as this name when
Dantes was in Prison.
Morcef Family
Mercedes Mondego
She is known as the Countess De Morcef
Was the Fiancee of Dantes
She was a poor Catalan
She marries Fernand Mondego
Cousin of Fernand Mondego
Fernand Mondego
Known as Count De Morcef
Married to Mercedes Morcef
Cousin of Mercedes
A fisherman who betrayed Dantes
Involved with Dantes getting thrown into prison
Albert de Morcef
Captured by Luigi Vampa
Challenges the Count to a duel
Son of Mercedes and Fernand
Villefort Family
Gerard de Villefort
Valentine's Father
Son Of Noirtier
His Mother died
Renee de Villefort
Valentine de Villefort
She was to be dead
Accused of the murders in the Villefort home
Monsieur Noirtier
Could only speak with his eyes
Killed by poison
Heloise de Villefort
Villefort's current Wife
Was the murderer in the Villefort home
She committed suicide
Other Characters
One of the people to be working
With Dantes as a sailor
Louis Dantes
Dantes Father
The Faithful servant
Franz d'Epinay
Was suppose to marry
Lucien Debray
Helped Madame Danglars
become very wealthy
The Journalist
Louise d'Armilly
Louise d'Armilly is Eugénie
Danglars's music teacher
Monsieur de Boville
Was the Director of the
Monsieur d'Avrigny
Doctor that inspects the body of
Villefort's Mother
Major Cavalcanti
Was an escapist who had the
plans to kill Caderousse.
Ali Pasha
A greek King
Baron Danglars
Mastermind behind the letter of putting Dantes in Prison
Becomes the captain of the Pharaon
Father of Eugenie Danglars
Becomes a banker
Hermine Danglars
She is the lover of Monsieur de Villefort
She had a child and Villefort had Burried her
Eugenie Danglars
Daughter of Baron Danglars
Dantes Allies
Giovanni Bertuccio
Was Dantes Right Hand
Luigi Vampa
Captured Albert and Danglars
One of the prisoners that was
about to get executed.
One of Dantes's Allies
Dantes Man Servent
Jacopo Manfredi
Saves Dantes after he swims
from escaping from the jail.
was Dantes's Fiance
Maximilien Morrel
In love with Valentine
Sister to Julie Herbault
Julie Herbault
Married to Emmanuel
Chosen by Edmond to help save her father
Emmanuel Herbault
Married to Julie
A clerk who works for Morrel
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