Effects of Bullying

Effects of Bullying
Cyberbullying has become an epidemitc
problem in today's youth and young adults.
More an more people are becoming exposed
to bullying everyday
Depression and suicide
"Victims are more likely to suffer from anxiety disorders and
depression, and these disorders can also cause difficulties
with the victims' family, friends and coworkers in their
Megan's law
Girl killed herself again due to bullying because
she went out with two different guys at the same
school and was bullied because of it.
Physical Bullying
Physical bullying is when the attacker would
physically try to cause harm to an individual for
his/her enjoyment or pleasure.
A good example would be a
school yard fight.
Verbal bullying
Bullying may be verbal, when the bully uses
derogatory or mocking words to attack the
Columbine High School shooting
Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Based on journals and videos the
two left behind, many experts have speculated that the boys,
who were not an accepted part of any of the school’s social
groups, were victims of bullying
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