Let's take the test:
Question 1
Which of the following initiates the process of blood clotting?
a) Dammage to the lining of a blood vessel
b) Exposure of blood to the air
c) Conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin
d) Attraction of Leukocytes to a site of infection
e) Conversion of fibrin to fibrinogen
Question 2
Mass extinctions that occurred in the past...
a) Cut the number of species to the few survivors left today
b) Resulted mainly from the separation of the continents
c) Occurred regularly, about every million years
d) Were followed by diversification of the survivors
e) Wiped out land animals but had little effect on marine life
Question 3
If an intestinal cell in a grasshopper contains 24 chromosomes, a grasshopper's sperm cell would have ..... chromosomes.
a) 3
b) 6
c) 12
d) 24
e) 48