Assure Lesson Plan Sample

Assure Lesson Plan Sample
Teacher centered: think aloud and model
Student centered: KWLH chart
Why is it important to cite
How to cite using graphic organizer and Easybib
Compare citing print and Web sources
Reflect through KWLH
Basic Graphic Organizer Print Source
Basic Graphic Organizer Web Resource
KWLH Chart
Sentence Stems for Lesson
Analyze Learners
General Characteristics: 9th grade ELLs, lower
income, Spanish speaking homes
Early Competencies
Create Word documents
Navigate internet
Need linguistic accommodations
Learning Styles
Small group
computer incorportated
Utilize Materials
Preview Technology and Media
Educators watch videos, complete organizers
Prepare Technology and Media
Graphic organizers, checklist, rubric, sentence
Prepare the Environment
Will take place in the library
Prepare Learners
Go over objectives
Lead class discussion to activate prior
Provide the Learning Experience
KWLH chart, watch video, class discussion,
small group discussion, complete graphic
organizers and in pairs, review
rubric and checklist.
State and National Standards]
TEKS: ELA I and Desktop Publishing
ISTE NETS*S: Ethically use info
Evaluate and Revise
Assessment of Learner Achievement
Evaluation of Strategies, Technology and Media
Required Learner Participation
Student Practice Activities
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