Chinese Cinderella Quotes About Niang

Chinese Cinderella Quotes About Niang
Grand Aunt Quote: p.2 I remember  Grand Aunt as a tall, welldressed woman, admired by every memberof our family.
Grandmother Quote: p.3 I remember Grandmother as a strong minded, intelligent woman with small feet and short hair.
Aunt Reine Quote:p.29 She placed her arm around me and whispered, ‘Don’t worry, I will offer the same treatment to all three of you.’
Father (Joseph) Quote: p.5 The company made money from everything it did. Father began to be known in the bussiness world as the " magic boy " who had the power of ‘ changing iron into gold’.
Mother (Miss Ren Young Ping) Quote: p.6 he(father) introduced to Miss Ren. He thought that she was interesting.They began to write to each other.
Edgar Quote: p.11 He was bully, and hit James and me.
Victor Quote:p.31 I have never forgotten his thoughtfulness
Susan Quote:p.57 Susan was very beautiful and had many admirers.
Aunt Baba Quote: p.19 Aunt Baba was like a mother to me p.8 She did everything our mother had done, worrying about our         meals, clothing, schooling and health. Her own chances of marriage and  a family slowly disappeared.
Franklin Quote: Franklin was Niang’s favorite child. He looked very much like Niang: a handsome boy with round eyes.
James Quote: p.11 My brother James was myonly friend
YeYe Quote: p.2 My grandfather YeYe was the third son of the family.He was a tall, gentle Buddhist who loved poems.
Lydia Quote: p.11 Lydia liked to show her power over me.
Niang (Jeanne) Quote: p.63 Our whole family suffered when your stepmother entered our home. She was young and beautiful and this gave her power over your father.
Ann Quote:p.60 Our daughter, Ann, was born two years later.
Byron Quote: p.49 A tall young man came out of the lighted kitchen. I was tired, but I noticed that he was very hadsome.
Martin Quote: p.48 Martin Ching had come from New York University medical school to spend a month with us.
Miss chien Quote: p.18 A private teacher, Miss Chien, looked after them.
Bob Quote:p.60 Bob was rather handsome and quite tall, with thick black hair.
Roger Quote: p.53 Our son, Roger, was born that evening, beautiful and healthy.
Mary Suen Quote: p.33 She was especially kind to me because she herself came from an unhappy family.