Columbia University on Map

Columbia University on Map
Tradition and Innovation
Founded in 1754
Oldest Institution in NY State
5th oldest in USA
One of the earliest centers for
Graduate Education
Pioneer in accepting ethnic
minorities, African American
students and women
Columbia College
School of General Studies
School of EngIneering and Applied
Sciences (SEAS)
New York City
Small campus environment +
Urban location( Best City in the
Teachers College
Barnard College
Business School
College of Physicians and Surgeons
School of Journalism
School of International and Public
Affairs (SIPA)
Mailman School of Public Health
School of the Arts
Law School
Academic Life
Studentfaculty ratio: 6:1
Financial Aid
Ivy League Status
National University Ranking: #4
Commitment to Diversity
35% of Students are Minority Members
International Students= 25%
160 Countries Represented
Passport to New York
Free Museum admission
Broadway shows as part of class
Arts Global
Symposium, concerts, plays
Faculty and Research
Barry Bergdoll
Prof. of Art/ Curator of MoMA
Robert Mundell
Prof. of Economics/ Nobel Prize in
Orhan Pamuk
Prof. of Literature/ Nobel in Literature
Eric Kandel
Research Mentor/ Nobel in Literature
and Medicine
Nobel Prize: 18 faculty members in
the past 15 years.
Pulitzer Prize
Administered by Columbia's
Journalism and Communications