plant tissue

plant tissueis a group of cells of similar structur existed in association with one another to perform one or more specific functions Meristematic tissue permanent tissuelarge cells ,large vacuolesboundary or dermal tissueground tissue vascular tissuesmall cells, large nucleus and have dense cytoplasm primary meristematic tissue secondary meristematicRoot cap , Meristematic Zone,Elongation zone,Maturation zone ,Bare zone pericycle ,phloem ,cambium,xylemEpidermal tissues and their derivatives The corkparenchyma tissue collenchymaSclerenchymathe xylemthe phloem Armed parenchyma AerenchymaChlorenchyma cellspolyhedral parenchymaLamellar collenchymaAngular collenchymaLacunar collenchymaFibers Sclereid (stone cells)