Body Tissue Concept Chat 2020

Body TissueEpithelial Tissue Squamous Connective TissueMuscular TissueNerve TissueCuboidal ColumnarLooseTransition PseudostratifiedFiltration, Diffusion and Secretion Secretion and AbsorptionLines Cardiovascular and lymphatic system Covers surface of ovary and carsule of the eyeSecretion and AbsorptionLines gastrointestinal tractAllows organs to stretch and maintains shape BladderAbsorb and secretion DuctsReticularSmooth CardiacLocated in the walls of the heart HeartskeletalAttached to boneFound in the walls of hollow organs Stomach & Intestines DenseSpecialized Adipose CartilageBoneUnder the skin BloodAreolarRegularIrregularSpongy & CompactElasticDeep dermisLink bone to bone Beneath the dermisKidney,spleen The bodyBodyNeurons NeurogliaTransmit electrical impulsesSupporting and protecting neuronsSimple Stratified SquamousCuboidalColumnarProtection & limited secretion Protection against abrasion Protection & SecretionLines Urethra, esophageal glandsDucts of sweat glands Keratinized forms of superficial layer of skin Product of Tinisha Scott salcc