The economic sectors of the population

The economic sectors of the populationPrimary sectorSecondary sectorTertiary sectorMain Activity in SpainCreate a mind map by including the following points. - Choose the area and level of your unit: Social Sciences. 4th Grade.- Think of a title for your unit: We learn the economic activities.To teach the different activities of this sector by describing them and using videos and presentations.To present the main activities of thesecondary sector by analyzing its characteristicsusing comparations.To demonstrate understanding the concept of the Primary sector.To express the different activities of this sector using an appropiated vocabuary.To distinguish between the raw-materials and manufactured products.To know different activities as examples of this sectors.To show the tertiary sector activities byindicating common characteristics between themusing comparatives.To identify the main characteristics of this sector.To differentiate this activities from the jobs of other sectors.To transmit the importance of tourism in our country by classifying them according to the different types of tourism, using examples of Spanish cities for each type of tourism designing and creating a guide.General contentEstablising objectivesLearning outcomesTo recognize the tourism as the principal activity in our country.To distinguish the different types of tourism that we have in Spain.To know the most outstanding cities for each type of tourism.To know the main activities of this sector and the population in spain who works here.LanguageLanguage of learningLanguage for learningLanguage through learningTo describe the most importants jobs for the tourism.key vocabulary:Jobs, economic sectors, primary, secondary, tertiary, agriculture, ranching, fishing, forest´s care, natural products, raw materials, manufactured products, transport, business, leisure/free-time recreation, tourism, education, health services...Classifying the activities that belongs to each sector. Asking each other questions related to jobs.Comparing and contrasting the activities of different economic sectors.Other: Do you remember from the last year...?, Can you remind us...?Distinguish language needed to carry out activities.Retain language revised by both the teacher and the students.Make use of peer explanations, oral presentations and debates.Record, predict and learn new words which arise from the developed activities.Subcontents
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