Passive voice Pía de la Peña, Mariana Villafañe, Josefina Díaz Critelli

Passive voicewhat is it?A form of a sentece where the most important thing or person becomes the subject general rulewhy do we use it?formsnoun + be + past participletenses a dictionary's link emphasize the action (verb) and the object rather than subject you can use + by + who does the actionWhen we do not know nor want to express who performs the actionsimple past was/were + pppast continuoswas/were + begin + pppast perfecthad + been + ppfuturewill + be + pp past futurewould be + ppfuture perfectwill + has been + ppvideo's linksimple presentam/are/is + pppresent continuos am/are/is + being + pppresent perfecthave/has + been + pp Was the house built in 1989?eg. The house wasn't built in 1989eg. The house was built in 1989eg. Wasn't the house built 1989?