Concept map 556 Presentation-Nearpod

Nearpod for Engagement
Content Area Teachers
How Adult Learners will use the Innovation
Before the Innovation
Created boredom
Student apathy
Teacher at center of stage
Technologically-enhanced Lesson Delivery
21st Century Learning Environment
Students' need to be "engaged"
Support teachers
Invest in student success
Student learners
Interactive lessons
To support student learning
To provide interaction
To give immediate feedback
To drive student achievement
Formative Assessments
Poll Questions
Collaboration Board
360' views
English Language Arts
Math and Science
History and Art
Innovative Learning
How the Teachers/learners will integrate the Innovation
Produce rapid feedback
Formative Assessments
Utilize systems
Audience Response System
Real-time insights
Interactive lessons
Student self assessment
Nearpod uses Interactive mode on Videos
Nearpod Library- Choose from pre-made Videos and lessons
Nearpod's Intuitive features
Nearpod can perform the tasks of several applications
Produce slide presentations;use your PowerPoint within
Incorporate media file types: jpeg, pdf, audio, video, Gifs, Twitter stream
Compatibility with multiple platforms: Google Classroom, Padlet, Flipgrid,
Engage and focus learners and students with disabilities using : gaming, 3D models, Virtual Reality tours
You may need to purchase a costly annual subscription so you can use many lessons
You will need to work your way around if launching from a tablet
Interactive video-based Lessons
Constructivist learning environment
Interactive blue dots
Education Journal "Developing Tools for An Effective Classroom"
"Nearpod: A Powerful Presentation Tool" T. Karageorgakis
Computers and Education "Exploring the Impacts of interactions... on Active Collaborative Learning"
Expected Outcomes
Student devices for student-paced learning
A modern technological innovation has arrived. Nearpod offers boundless possibilities and capabilities for teachers who are willing to extend their reach and provide learning experiences that are on par with schools around the globe. Teachers have the advantage of knowing the value of setting goals and determining their own as well as their students' learning needs. Teachers are encouraged to work closely with a Technology Coach who will resolve any connectivity issues. Notwithstanding, teacher comfort level plays a factor in technology integration. As with Nearpod or any technological tool, the SAM-R model will allow teachers a research based methodology for adopting the technology. They can further set realistic time-bound implementation goals for Nearpod. Lastly, students will get the opportunity to love the engagement and learning possibilities in their classes.
SAM-R model
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