ASEAN COMMUNITY 2025POLITICAL-SECURITY COMMUNITY 2025ECONOMIC COMMUNITY 2025SOCIO-CULTURAL COMMUNITY 2025RULES-BASED, PEOPLE-ORIENTED, PEOPLE CENTEREDPEACEFUL, SECURE AND STABLE REGIONASEAN CENTRALITY: DYNAMIC AND OUTWARD-LOOKING REGIONSTRENGTHENED CONSTITUTIONAL CAPACITY AND PRESENCEStrengthen ability to deal withchallenges.Adhere and promote principles, norms,values and the international law.Strengthen, uphold and protect democracy,good governance, the rule of law and humanrights.Entrench peace, value, tolerance andrespect for diversity.Effectively responding to urgent issuesand crisis.Enhance capacity to address non-traditional security issues.Resolving conflicts and differences in peaceful means.Preserve Southeast Asia as a region freefrom nuclear and other weapons of massdestruction. Enhance security and cooperation.Strenghten ASEAN unity, cohesiveness and centrality.Deepen cooperation with Dialogue Partnersand strengthen engagement with externalparties.Streamline ASEAN work, processes and improvecoordination among ASEAN Organs.Strengthen ASEAN presence and awareness.HIGHLY-INTEGRATED AND COHESIVE ECONOMYCOMPETITIVE, INNOVATIVE AND DYNAMICA GLOBAL ASEANTrade in GoodsTrade in ServicesInvestment EnvironmentFacilitating Movement of Skilled Labor,and Business Visitors.Financial Integration, Inclusionand Stability.Enhancing Participation in GlobalValue Chains.ENHANCED CONNECTIVITY AND SECTORAL COOPERATIONRESILIENT, INCLUSIVE, PEOPLE-ORIENTED AND PEOPLE-CENTEREDEffective Competition PolicyGood GovernanceConsumer ProtectionStrengthening IntellectualProperty Rights.Productivity-Driven GrowthTaxation CooperationGood, Effective, Efficient, Coherent,and Responsive Regulations and Practice.Sustainable Economic DevelopmentGlobal Megatrends and EmergingTrade-Related IssuesTransportTourismInformation and CommunicationsTechnology.E-commerceEnergyFood, Agriculture and ForestryHealthcareMineralsScience and TechnologyStrengthening the Role ofEnterprises.Strengthening the Role ofthe Private SectorPublic-Private PartnershipNarrowing the Development GapContribution on Regional Integration EffortsENGAGES AND BENEFITS THE PEOPLEINCLUSIVESUSTAINABLERESILIENTDYNAMICEngaged Stakeholders in ASEAN processEmpowered People and Strenghtened InstitutionsReducing BarriersPromotion and Protection ofHuman RightsConservation and Sustainable Managementof Natural ResourcesEnvironmentally Sustainable CitiesSustainable ClimateSustainable Consumption andProductionAble to Anticipate, Respond, Cope andAdapt and Build Back Smarter and Faster.Enhanced and Optimised Financing Systemsand Safety Nets by Making Resources Available and AccessibleAble to Respond to all Heath-RelatedHazardsStrenghtened Social Protection for All toReduce Vulnerabilities in times of Crisisand Disasters"Drug-Free" ASEANOpen and Adaptive ASEANCreative, Innovative and Responsive ASEANCulture of Entrepreneurship in ASEAN
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