Call Center Business Plan

User/TeamHerokuGitHub GitHub package?Bitbucket TerraformJenkins-CI/CDDocker hubcloudflare VPN/brower VPNAzure Data centerVisual Studio codeAzure Active DirectoryOpen VPN(cleint)1.User Devops/TeamKuberneties Azure LoT Devices 2.Web security 3.Website ?1.yes?2.No?What is the Website URL? Who is the domain name service Provider?Do you have DDos protection? Do you have Load balancers for the databases What is the database type?database Do i need a database cache Kuberneties AnsibleDatabase Kubernetes Internal DNSyes?No?Who is that DDOS protection provider?Questionnaire 4.Multi hosting Kuberneties Amazon AWS Yes?no?Should I use this Cloud provider? Compute Cloud Provider is the official website to the Cloud hosting provider?Microsoft AzureAlibaba Cloud if yes, then which one?Openshift Kuberneties service provider ADSL/Cable modemHome Router Internal Network Firewall (routers)Windows firewall7.Internal LanHome Lab Desktop Computer or Home Lab Server RackWindows subsystem for Linux Windows 10 Professional edition Physical Host Computer use by the developer List of Virtualized Guess Operating System that I am going to likely use.VirtualBox Virtualization software use by a Desktop ComputerPrograms installed on the Phyical Host operating systemVisual Studio Code Physical Desktop ComputerUbuntuUbuntu server LTSUbuntu Desktop LTSDo you have suggestions for guess operating systems?Windows 10 ProfessionalVMwareHyper-V Virtualization (in Windows 10 Professional)Microsoft operating systemsWindows 10 LoT edition8.Customer support (My business)In-house customer support(outbound) 8 Am CTS to 4 PM CST Outsourcing Customer Support Inbound Customer Support 9.Sells department (My business)Outsourcing Customer Support Inbound Customer Support In-house customer support(outbound) 8 Am CTS to 4 PM CST Docker image builds(nightly)Docker image builds(beta)Docker Regeristy Docker image builds(Final)Jenkins-CI/CDDocker hubDocker image builds(beta)Docker Regeristy Docker image builds(Final)Package NameDevelopment environment I2pNortonVPNOpen VPN ServerOpen VPN end destination on-primance compute Rack space Should I use on-primemace?Yes?no?AtlassianEither/or/AndProject:nameProject:nameProject:nameProject:nameProject:nameProject:nameProject:nameProject:nameProject:nameProject:nameProject:nameProject:nameProject:name 10 loT Website URLpartner Program- other VA business can join under my name. I can outsourcing human Labor to them. expect Lower skilled workers. My VA Level system will apply to other companys as a mandatory business requirements. I can also pull individual fomr the other compay dirctly as another mandatory requirement. source tree10.Kubernetes (production ready branch)Helm ChartsHelmHelm Website download windows 10 professional Ubuntu 20.04 and beyondchoco install kubernetes-helmsudo snap install helm --classic11.JFrog Platform 12.Remote Workers hosted Cloud registry for Docker images zoom for windows 10Zoom outlook plug-in downloadSign in to Zoom with preferabley outlook work email for companyWebsite for Zoom CalendarMicrosoft OneDrive16.EducationSub TopicProfessional Education Personal Educationonline Education Sources ?Did you attend College?Where did you attend College?What nation and state/provinace did you attend Collage?Yes?No?What are the years that you attented college?-WHAT--Where--When-What was your field or fields of studying?-Who-Who paid for your college?Did you complete college?Yes?No?When did you complete college?Did you pay for collage yourself in full?Did someone else pay for your collage in full??if someone (person)else please name them.Did someone else pay for your collage in full??if someone (Government name)else please name them.Did someone else pay for your collage in full??if someone (non-profit religions organization)else please name them.Did someone else pay for your collage in full??If someone (non-profit non-religion organization)else please name them.Yousomeone elseYes?What amount did you pay for collage yourself in full?Who?No?Did you get help paying for college?Provide to me the Payment schedule of future paidmentsDo you still owe money to "said" collage"?Yes?No?Are you still in college?Where are you attending college?Are you going back to college to get another degree?Yes?No?What is your planned degree?Why are you going after this degree?Are you going back to college?Yes?No?MaybeI am uncertain to go back to college.Why are you uncertain to go back to collage?{person reply with an obligation}If this obligation is removed and/or solved with a proper solution then will you go back to college?[The Interviewee Writes Down Answers]Are you done going to collage within your lifetime College?No?Yes?Why?What?Is the Cost of college stopping you from going back to college?Yes?Did you want financial aid?Yes?No?Why?What?Who?No?Why?What?Who?Temp references spot tp place so i can process the datacompany Foreign Education?Domestic Education?Online Education?Other?Temporary idea dumpUdemyWebsitewww.udemy.comSlack for Zendesk Support Integration17.Main TopicProgram to install 10 professional program LayerSlackOfficial Website18.Social Networks
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