How does CSR impact organisational performance

How does CSR impact organisational performance?
CSR and Performance of Family Businesses
The mediating role of corporate reputation and moderating role of CEO integrity
How CSR reputation, sustainability signals, and country-of-origin sustainability reputation contribute to corporate brand performance: An exploratory study
Corporate social responsibility and organisational performance in the tourism sector
Corporate social responsibility’s influence on firm risk and firm performance: the mediating role of firm reputation
Stewardship Theory
Stakeholder Theory
CSR performance categories
Corporate responsibility towards stakeholders
Corporate environmental performance
No common way to measure the impact of CSR
CSR impact
Positive impact on financial performance
Positive reputation
Positive influence on innovation
Positive impact on social performance
Family Business
CSR might not be given the highest consideration
CSR impact
Positive reputation
Indirect positive impact on financial performance
Legitimacy Theory (Suchman 1995)
explains link between CSR and positive financial performance
CEO integrity
Important for the effectiveness of CSR
Hard to measure
CSR raises the possibility of greenwashing
Country of origin
Effectiveness of CSR on business reputation differs between countries
In countries with a high CSR awareness, socially responsible behaviour is expected
Companies operating in countries with low CSR awareness benefit greater from it
CSR impact
Positive impact on business performance
Level of impact can change from year to year depending on society
Depends on the people's approach to CSR in the country of origin
CSR influences the brand's performance domestically as well as internationally
Instrumental stakeholder theory
CSR impact
CSR actions are more of an approach to stakeholder management than part of a firm strategy
No influence on financial performance in the tourism sector
Businesses can work towards sustainability goals without having to sacrifice possible financial performance
CSR impact
Positive impact on reputation
Positive impact on firm profitability
Firm risk
During economic downturns, firms practicing CSR are better off than those who do not
Acting socially responsible reduces financial risk
Negative impact on firm risk
Practical implications
Managers should invest in CSR, especially during economic fluctuations
Halo effect
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