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1 NetworkWhat is it?Top HighlightsHistoryPartner ProjectsNext Steps1 Network starts with one person. It is you and me joining together as a team. Explore a decentralized new path with one step and one thought. Make your own decision, research and ultimately trust yourself.- Making Currency Obsolete- 100% decentralized - A global team from all over the world2017- Concept Invention Meeting2018- Research grant secured, key advisory panel elected- Blockchain think tank for education and awareness founded2019- Business mode and corporate structure began conversion to decentralized organization- Blockchain adoption among core group achieved- Negotiations with banks and government began - Geographic surveys completed- Technological flight path finalized2020Q1- Overall market intelligence recommendations submitted by research committee- Social media network integration completedQ2- Blockchain education program planning finished- Decentralized governance model presented by research committeeQ3- 1 Network lite paper completed- Application design completedQ4- Governance model accepted by board of directors- Technical research phase completed- Blockchain media content deemed ready for public consumption- 1 Network announced1Net.cloud1App.cloudMoney & Finance- Hulk. finance- Blocky.finance- BitLox.comPhilanthropy / CommunityWaterBlockchainEnvironment / Land DevelopmentEnergyGames & EntertainmentSocial NetworkingSportsHealthMusic & ArtsEducationTravel / LifestyleTechnology Partners- 1Net.foundation- 1h20.services- Blocky.cloud- KDHash.com- Defi.Kithen- SatV.tech- WaterCity.group - 1Energy.io- Blocky.one - KDAgro.org- getvulox.com- 1Sports.club- 1Net.health- Blocky.studio- Blocky.school- 1Travel.club- freeTON.org- bitcoin.org- ethereum.org- compound.finance2021202220232024
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