How to Help Struggling Students

How to Help Struggling Students in the Future by Grace Yi Snedeker
Find the Signs of the Students
Physical signs
Differentiated Instructions
Teachers and Parents
My experience: The student named Dong-Hyun in the Global School in Gyeonggi province, has ADHD by showing difficulty in paying attention to my teaching, and don't understand the concept of science.
Emotional signs
Dong-hyun often cried in my class as he gets lower grades and had small fights with his peers in the classroom quite often. He is the one who picks up the fight first in the classroom due to his unhappiness attending school.
Poor Results
Dong-Hyun's grade average was C during my teaching in the school.
Use technology
Know the diversity
Build background knowledge
After-School Program
Explicit instruction building on the principles of UDL can help Dong-Hyun's connect new vocabulary with the spelling.
As Dong-Hyun is ADHD, I need to know informations about ADHD symptoms and the effects on the education
Integrate personal development into lesson
Help him to learn how to do time-management, problem solving, and mindful meditation
use media, webtoons, and videos to build the knowledge of science
Open a separate class for him and his peers who are in struggling after school
Help him and peers to support what they are missed in the class
contact with parents to counsel
Find the solutions
Be involved
For example: I made an appointment with Dong-Hyun's parents to counsel about him, and I found out that both of his parents are working in numerous hours so they had difficulty watching him closely. They said they will observe him more during weekends and will hire a tutor to help him
For example, Dong-Hyun's parents said they will be involved by hiring a tutor due to their less paying attention to their child
Focus teaching a child one at a time