5W1H Mind Map

5W's & 1HWHAT?WHERE?WHEN?WHO?WHY?HOW?Who does it?Who is doing it?Who should be do it?Who else can do it?Who else should do it?What to do?What is being done?What should be done?What else can be done?What else should be done?Where to do it?Where is it done?Where should it be done?Where else can it be done?Where else should it be done?When to do it?When is it done?When should it be done?When else can it be done?When else should it be done?Why does he/she do it?Why do it?Why do it there?Why do it then?Why do it that way?Are there 3-Mus in the way of thinking?How to do it?How could be done?How should it be done?Could this method be used in other areas?Is there any other ways to do it?Are there any 3-Mus in the method?Who's doing 3-Mus?What 3-Mus are being done?Where are 3-Mus being done?Are there any time 3-Mus?3-MusMuda(Waste)Muri(Strain)Mura(Discrepancy)5N-1NFloating Topic
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