Factors influencing success in international business

factors influencing success in international business
Other trade organizations
World Trade Organization (W.T.O)
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
Group of 7 (G7)
Paris agreement
made in December 2015
trade organizations
united nations in international business
tax agrrements
trade agreements
Meant to trade goods between other countries
fights climate change
biggest climate change agreement ever made
The U.S left the agreement after 2 years
created after WW2. made of 193 countries
U.N upholds 5 main objective
made up of 5 sectors
general assembly
uphold international law
humanitarian aid
security council
sustainable develpoment
human rights
world peace
trusteeship council
court of justice
economic and social council
economic/social aspects
solves debates between states
territories admited for the people and worldpeace.
upholds world peace.
policy making and deliberative sector
A treaty between 2 or more countries that help avoid tax Evasion and double taxation
Tax Evasion
Canada has 92 tax agreements with countries
Double Taxation
An illegal act where an entity doens't pay a true tax liability
When the same income is taxed in two different countries during International trade
An enforceable treaty between 2 or more countries concerning the movement of goods and services
Other trade agreement
European union comprehensive economic and trade agreement (CETA)
Canada Korea Free trade agreement (CKFTA)
North American free trade agreement (NAFTA)
more beneficial/modern trade agreement than NAFTA
purpose is to create jobs and boost economic relations that strengthen Canada's trade with the EU
Our first trade agreement in the Asia-Pacific region
increase Canadas business in the south Korean market
between Mexico, Canada and U.S to prevent borders
when regional economies/cultures become integrated though foreign investment, international trade and the flow of money.
Globalization strategies
people frown upon it as it doesn't support the poor and only promotes the rich
Multi domestic strategy
Transnational strategy
Global strategy
Customize products and services for local culture/norm
Combine best traits of global and multi domestic strategies
world as 1 huge market
Group of 20 (G20)
The world bank
Organization for Economic Development and Co-Operation (OECD)
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
is a main example of companies taken advantage of poor/unadvanced countries
harmful to many parties
workers have poor working conditions
workers have low wages
Jobs are lost as companies make more profit from cheap workers
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