Fundraising during flood or epidemics

Fundraising during flood or epidemics
Communication & News
Planning & Management
Analysing department
Social network
News telecast
Electronic media
Regular update
Fundraising campaign
All social site group
Post regular update
Spread the situation with all
Post goal target info
Financial department
Donation collecting deprtment
Supply management department
Online fundraising
Special events
Product fundraising
Crowd fundraising
Make several unit of vlounteers
Ensure transportation
Risk management
Supply donation
Supply medical help
supply food
Rescue department
Different unit of medical camp in affected area
Medicine and proper treatment supply
Essential food supply
Protein supply
Reservable food supply
Register flood victims
Search mission for missing peoples
Ensure emergency treatment on spot
Emergency medical transportation
Target and goal setup
Financial record
Other financial management
Analylis the situation
Determine the risk factors
Deliver updates
Post awareness video on social sites
Post current campaign updates
Spead the situation to all
Spread the story of victims
Seek attention for TV channel
Awarness program telecasting
Spread awarness
Spread the news all way
Regular press release and bulletin