Kevin Horsley

Kevin HorsleyUse the Four C System to Remember Names C Concentrate Say the name out loud and repeat it C Create To make it stick, take the nameapart and use any words thatcome to mind to create amemorable image C Connect Connect the image with the person'sface (think of their most strikingfeature!) C Continuous use Revisit the names, maybe add themto your diary and review themoften!About the Book Title Unlimited Memory How to Use Advanced Learning Strategies toLearn Faster, Remember More and be MoreProductive Published 2016 Author Kevin Horsley International Grandmaster ofMemory World Memory Championship medalist Twotime World Record holder for TheEverest of memory tests Get it on AmazonUse Sounds toRemember Numbers and Dates Transform numbers into images thatwill stick in your mind First, change numbers into letters /change how those letters sound Example Number zero Can be represented by the letters s,z and c Think about a hissing wheel 0 looks like a wheel anyway! Each number from 09 can beassigned a group of similar soundingconsonants You can also use the shape of thenumbers to assign sounds e.g. flipping a 3 makes itlook like an m Now, if you're trying to remember adate, write down the letters thatrepresent them and try to make upa word e.g. 1969 No need to remember the first 1because most important dates wewant to remember happened in thelast millennia 969 b, sh, p BiSHoP Then use the SEE principle to try andpicture that word as somethingmemorableUse Your Creativity to Bring Information to Life Use your creativity to make amemorable movie or picture When memorizing foreign words Break them down into smaller wordswhich sound similar to others Make them sound funny or absurd This way they become more memorable Use the SEE method S Senses Create a multisensory image This is far easier to remember thansimple text E Exaggeration Create funny, fantastical images E Energize Add a bit of action to make theimage more vivid
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