Record Label

Label-MindWhy would I want Rufus on the team? Promotions Booking Tours I don't need him on the papers forthat; I can pay him commissioninstead Am I setting up ownership justto pay taxes on it?What contacts do I need? Beat maker Engineer Accountant for Taxes andBusiness stuff Nick Abbot Record Label Lawyer ContractsWhat do I need to do to make it into a reality Website Business Card Business Plan Artists I'm helping with their albums Bambi Brock Recording Studio I can sendmy artists to UnforgettableWhat services will my Record Labeloffer to artists who sign with us? Website Creation Social Media Custom .com Distribution Through MDI Loans Recording costs are borne by artists, not record companies. Record companies commonly make loans to artists (allin advances) for these costs and recoup them from royalties.What are the bestways to market artists music? Music Distribution Inc ReverbNation // CDBaby Storefronts Logos Whole Foods What companies do theactual distribution? Ask CultureHow do I want to run this? Finding them, getting them into the studio,helping them with recording and getting anengineer to have a percentage of the album salesas wellIs Voyager Music theRecord Label I'm suppose to be with? I'm already a part of it How can I get other artistssigned with them? PublishingHow can I develop relationshipswith the local Radio Stations? Name drop @ 95.5 Dawn Shekainarox O'Brien National Music Director Boardof Salem Media. Send my CD to Jack Waters @1160 No.King St., HNL 96817. Send my CD to Dave Serone
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