Language as a way of knowing

Language as a way of knowingLanguage in different communities Languages never stay the same. In fact they are constantly changing and shiftinglike the mindset of those who are using it. For example Shakespearean English differs fromthe English that we use in this dayConnotative language Misunderstanding of words have producedtragedies in both war and peace, in bothbusiness and non business situations’ When you look up a word in the dictionary, youwill find its literal meaning. However, the emotions and associationsconnected to a word is known as its connotativemeaning.What is language? Language is a method of humancommunication Everyone in the world speaks at least onelanguage We use language in order to express emotionsand it used to transfer ideas to people. Languages are usually made by a couple ofshared rules. And that is used to maintain the quality of thelanguage.Problems with language Language and identity Problems of translation Problems with meaning Language and truth Language and the WOK: sense perception andemotion Language is sometimes used to deliberatelydeceive and manipulate people (propaganda)Language and knowledge Language and knowledge go hand in handwhen exchanging information or experiences. Things like communication and emotionalexpression are very important when trying toshare knowledge. Without language we would only haveknowledge through experiences.Ways of knowing Language Sense Perception Memory Reason Faith Intuition Imagination FaithFurther Explanation of language Language is defined as a system of signs withmeanings. These signs include, but are not limited to:letters, pictures, symbols, sounds and gestures. Language is everywhere, some aspects of it mayeven be universal.How language is used in our daily lives Language is a very important aspect of our dailylives. It is how we exchange out ideas and thoughts. It is also how we communicate with people thatwe know. Language also allows political leaders tomaintain peace in the world. Language can be thought of as a symbolsystem, engaged in representing the world,capturing and communicating thought andexperience.