Map of Mount Merapi Volcano

Map of Mount Merapi Volcano
reasons why people still live near it
boosts tourism
because many people from around the world
travel to view the spectacular scenery of mt
locals can earn money
by conducting guided tours and trekking trips
can receive geothermal energy
it is heat energy from under the earth's surface
alternative energy source for the locals who
live there
fertile soil at the foot of mt merapi
when the volcano erupts,a large amount of
volcanic ash is released.the ash contains
many minerals which makes the soil very
fertile and helps the crops to grow well
it increases crop yields
locals have more food which results in
a better standard of living
better standard of living
farmers earn more money
effects of the eruption
killed more than 300 people
a baby died due to inhaling ash
some died due to being badly burnt
injured many
skin diseases,diarrheoa and serious
eye infections
also breathing difficulties as ash filled the air
city was engulfed in smoke and ash
prevented people from seeing surroundings
could not see where the larva was heading
towards or coming from
difficult for the evacuation officers to bring the
people to safety
trasportation was difficult
as the roads were very hot
avalanche of rocks spilled down the
uprooted trees
damaged roads
many homes were destroyed
burnt to the ground or enveloped in thick ash
caused many people to flee
thousands of people were living in shelters
lesser residential area
government prevented people from building
homes on the slopes of the mountains
it was considered accidentprone areas
destroyed vast agricultural areas
destroyed crops
temporarily stopped the farmers' incomes
people suffered a shortage of food