Minoxidildirect com Review

Minoxidildirect com Review
Range of Knowledge
All of the KCS I competencies plus the following
- Solution quality
- Improve, modify concepts
- Managing Solution Visibility
- Concepts of context
- Fix / answer description format and context of the audience
- Balance between completeness and usability/brevity
- Using numbered steps to describe a resolution process
- Must be in the vocabulary and technical perspective/capability of the target audience (context)
- Don’t over generalize – solution should evolve through use and should be specific to the experience of solving a customer’s problem. Generally, attempts should not be made to extend solutions to cover all possible situations that might occur. Solution extension should be based on demand.
- Capture in the workflow and Structured Problem Solving
- The value of capture in the workflow:
- Relevant Vs.vs.. unrelevant statements
- Issues of redundancy