Mores Utopia

Mores Utopia
Christian Synthesis
The Christian aspect of the synthesis is
Christ's gospel of caring for the poor, the
oppressed and the downtrodden.
The Platonic, Republican tradition
is the Greek aspect of the
More wrote Utopia with a comedic tone,
allowing him to speak his truth while telling a
deeper story.
Thomas More's Utopia is a
Christianhumanist view of an ideal
More does not simply offer a theoretical view,
but provides specifics for how to create this
Utopia offers a Christianized
form of Plato's Republic.
Seven Themes of More's Utopianism
How does Utopia use humor and
The word Utopia means "nowhere."
Each community government group is called a
sty, where pigs live. He's calling British society
a bunch of little pigs.
How is property divided in
Utopia? How does this affect
There is no private property in
Utopia it's all divided among the
people. Goods are stored in
warehouses and are given out by
request. People stay in a home
(with no locks) for ten years
before rotating.
What is working life like in Utopia?
Agriculture is the most important aspect of
society, with women doing the same
farming work as men.
Why does Utopia use slavery?
Criminals and immigrants from other countries
are made slaves. Each household has two
What is the government like in Utopia?
The island contains 54 towns, each with about 6000 households. The capital
city, Amaurot, is located directly in the middle of the crescent island.
How is Utopia a social critique
of Great Britain?
This is a perfect society and is nearly the
opposite of British society. There is no
private ownership in Utopia while Great
Britain was full of greedy people who only
cared about their position and
How do people in Utopia find
During their leisure time they
would apply themselves to
studying; knowledge and
learning brought happiness.