The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle
UFO and Atlantis have been linked to the Triangle
The lost continent of Atlantis is supposed to be submerged off the coast of Bermuda, inside the Triangle.
Spielberg links UFOs to the Triangle by featuring a movie where the lost flight crew are supernatural beings
Hurricanes and Tropical Storms
This area with such a tropical climate is bound to have its share of storms, and some ships and planes get engulfed in them.
An area in the Atlantic Ocean
The three points of the "triangle" are in Puerto Rico, off the Southern coast of Florida, and off of the coast of the island of Bermuda
One of the most heavily-traveled trade passages on the planet
Vessel and Aircraft disappearances lead many people to believe there is a disturbance in this area
Lost Transportation vehicles
Flight 19 (U.S. Navy Bomber squad) lost in the general area of the triangle.
USS Cyclops (the deadliest non-war loss of life for the U.S. Navy in history- over 300 crew members vanished)
Possible Explanations
Gulf Stream (natural river in the general area of the triangle that can carry ships and planes away from their destination
Magnetic disturbances causing compasses to not work properly
Sometimes refered to as an urban legend
AP Article on suspician of disappearing ships in 1950
Researcher Lawrence Kuschne refutes these non-evidence-based claims
The number of disappearences in this area is exaggerated because of its history, and is relatively similar to the rest of the world
Tropical storms ravaged the area much of the year, and could have caused crashes and sunken ships if occuring during the time when a boat is passing through