What was the daily life in Ancient Rome

What Was The Daily Life In Ancient Rome
Section 1: Introduction
Main Idea: The
Forum was the
center of Rome
The word forum means gathering place. The forum
was an open area used for merchant stalls, races,
games, and plays. This section mostly gives
information on the forum and what it was used for.
The forum was the heart of life in Rome.
Section 2: Daily life in Ancient Rome
Main Idea: Most of Rome's
population were poor.
Section 3: Law and Order
Main Idea: The Roman Empire laws and
order are different from the previous
Section 4: Religion
Main Idea: Religion was very important to Romans and
they adopted many Greek gods but changed their
Section 5: Family Life
Main Idea: In a household or family,
the father was in charge of the
Section 6: Food and Drink
Main Idea: What the Romans ate
depended on whether they were rich or
Section 7: Housing
Main Idea: There was a major contrast
between the rich and poor houses in Rome.
Section 8: Education
Main Idea: Wealthy Romans went to
school, but the poor didn't.
Section 9: Recreation
Main Idea: Rome had many forms of
recreation that were used every day.
Section 10: Country Life
Main Idea: About 90% of Rome's population
lived in the country, but even here there were
rich people and poor people.