Mark 13 32

Mark 13 32
You told Peter to put back his sword and you restored the one wounded. That’s what we long for. A reprimand to the one who would injure and a healing within the one injured. God of miracles, please do it again. We need you. Our nation needs you. Our leaders need you. Many a home today will not have a loved one returning. Without you we have no hope. With you all things are possible—even for beauty to come out of ashes. We pray for the day of unarmed truth and unconditional love. Please answer our prayer.
main pint
Ways to stay awake
Stay awake WATCH
What I want to say to you, i say to all
Teh point here of stay awake and his return is ...
Be on guard
Lots of warnings about false techers
Be on guard against that which will keep you
Be faithful in the ordinary
Not in parable of lamp, you can still sleep, but
there's a way to sleep and be waiting
"servants in charge" God has something he
has left for you
Matt 24:3744
Have the right perspective on life
Trust His word (refer to verse 31 again)
Difficult days are not unheard of
if ou have grown up with a certain
eschatological view, you may be at a certain
piont in one of these two camps
Danger is we lose the very tone of the new
Acts what will they await?
Will you now restore the kingdom?
They ware waiting for the kingdom
and then we have weeks like this week and we
undrstand way. Why we wait. Why we long. Why
we want. Why we ache.
how do we know this is about the end?
"the son"
main points
No apocalyptic calculations beforehand can
violate that sovereignty. The end comes without
any warning. No one will have time for
lastsecond preparations.
Garland, David E.. Mark (The NIV Application
Commentary Book 2) (p. 503). Zondervan.
Kindle Edition.
Four parts of the night and sleeping
i say to all
Stay awake