Abraham Lincoln
Andrew Johnson
Ulysses Grant
Ten Percent Plan
Assassinated After Reelection
Presidential Reconstruction
Proclamation Of Amnesty and Reconstruction
Some Republicans believed it would revert blacks back to a system of slavery
Andrew Johnson Takes Over
10% of voters to take Oath of Allegience
Wanted to pardon ex-Confederates (unlike the Republicans in Congress)
Pardon all white southerners
Did not explicitely pardon ex-Confederates or wealthy plantation owners
Blacks were ignored, and were not focused on by Johnson
Violated Tenure of Office Act
Removed Secretary of War, Edwin M. Stanton
House voted for Impeachment, but Senate acquitted him, falling 1 vote short of 2/3 majority needed to convict Johnson
Signed laws restricting the power of the KKK
Signed legislation creating the Department of Justice
Credit Mobilier Scandal
Rutherford B. Hayes
End of Reconstruction
Crisis of 1877
Union soldiers in the South pulled out
13th Amendment
14th Amendment
15th Amendment
Banned Slavery
Gave former slaves citizenship (and African Americans)
Allowed African Americans to vote
Freedmens Bureau
Wade Davis Bill
Required Oath of Allegience by a majority of white adult population and could have a government formed by people not part of the Confederacy
Pocket Vetoed (Lincoln)
Black Codes
Passed by Southern states, but forced blacks to return back to a plantation workstyle
Civil Rights Act of 1866
Declared all ex-slaves citizens and gave them rights attributed with being a citizen
Reconstruction Act of 1867
Divided the South into 5 military districts
For a state to re-enter, they would need to give freedmen the right to vote, and forbid ex-confederates from the right to vote.
Convict Leasing
Southern governments would allow private companies to use prisoners to work for them (like mines).
Civil Rights Act of 1875
Gave full and equal access to jury services, transportation and public needs disregarding race.
Civil Rights Cases (1883) struck this act down
Civil Rights Cases (1883) limited the scope of the 14th Amendment
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