The reasons why student should stop consuming energy drink

The reasons why student should stop consuming energy drinkMain Supporting A First of all, the reason is energy drink can cause mortality case.Main Supporting B The next reason is energy drink can give a chronic health disease's potential.Main Supporting C In addition, another reason is because the student's wrong perception about the energy drink.Main Supporting D The last reason is a doubt about the content in energy drink.Sub. Point 1 - An energy drink is one of a type drink that is usually contained a stimulant drug likes caffeine. Sub. Point 2 - Energy drinker's who are overdosing or having a high consumption the drink will causes of death.Sub. point 1 - Besides overdose, potential risks with energy drink consumption include high blood pressure, stroke and heart problems.Sub. point 2 - Sub. point 1 - Young people consume energy drinks because of the brand and how the commercial promotes the drink. Sub. point 2 - By consuming energy drinks, they think they can save their pocket money and boost energy as a student. Sub. point 1 - The content in energy drinks do not have an exact content about the sugar and caffeine, which is low sugar or high sugar.Sub. point 2 - The content in high sugar also can lead to diabetes effect.
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