High Level SS

Survey Sensum
Business Development
3-5 Focused Accounts with (IDR 1 Billion)
40 Recurring Accounts (IDR 25-100 Million)
10 Mid Range Accounts (IDR 500 Million)
Account Plan for Focused & Mid Range
Recurring Plan & Cross Sell Up-Sell
CX Events - Each Quarters - with C/CX/VP Involved
Partnership with Local SI (2-3 Strong Partners)
25-50 Million starter Pack Approach (Promo Priced)
Lead Generation
Focused - 1 Senior BD
Target 30%
Target 30%
Vertical - Fintech & Retails
Focused & Mid Range
Target 1-2 Partnership with Local SI
Our Own Events
Collaborative Events
Starter Landing Page (25 Million)
System Integrator
Sub Topic
Handled by Marketing Manager / Partner
Enablement Arrangement
Roadmap Tech