Enfermedades Pancreaticas

ENFERMEDADES PANCREATICAS Chapter 1 Sense of SecurityChapter 2 Be FunnyChapter 3 The Mental ModelChapter 4 Success Can Not Be LearnedTerapeutica NutricionalSintomas DiagnosticoFisiopatología Pautas básicas Buy a house, sell a dream house slave A house destroys a dream Job security slave Ainu: You can live well alone Three misunderstandings about love Why most beauties don't recognize the way 6 ways to quickly improve your sense of security Two bottoming rebound questions you must ask yourself The sense of security is not brought back, but given backIf you want to do something that comes to mind, the story of "yes, but" will be staged, hesitating, hesitating, thinking about it, and finally wasting time. It will only increase anxiety and will not help.The solution is to overcome fear with action, and hesitation and hesitation encourage fear!What many girls realized is: I don't have the ability to survive alone!Don't rely too much on one person, otherwise, when he is gone, you feel that you have lost the whole world.The sense of security is given by myself, not the outside world, the other party, or marriage.If you trust yourself to recognize the way, you will work hard to find it yourself. Once you have dependence, you will not find the way.God does not want you to succeed, but just lets you try.1. Take a small risk2. Stay away from the easy-to-obtain sense of security3. Cherish life and stay away from fear4. Fear safe5. Make a success log and become a master6. In the face of fear, bottom out and rebound Are you not interested or dare not interested The joy of commitment is unconditional Interesting person, life begins to be interested in you People who are boring are often those who are bold The passion of first love will fade, will the interest beDoing everything conscientiously, conscientiously, and steadily, not only will the result make us happy, the process is also worthy of our enjoyment and memory.Eating while eating, sleeping while sleeping, drinking water while drinking water, this is Zen.What to do if it failsWhat to do if you lose loveWhat is readingDo you want to exercise every day without losing weight?What if you are ridiculedThe wall of worry always separates you from happiness! ! !Excellent people can always devote themselves to the present and enjoy the present.The boring person is often not the incompetent, but the courageous.Every day I ask myself if I am not interested or dare not to be interested Mental model, we see the world we want to see Why are so many rich people unhappy at all Mental model is a set of internal brain programs Mindset comes from mental model If you want to be loved, then you get sick Do you believe the constellations are real Each mental model has its own limitations How the wall in the mind limits us Do you wish you were more lucky There is no right or wrong mental model, only whether it is effective We are the wizards of our lives Hard work will pay off Several views on mental models Do career planning Gold will always shine? If you encounter a job you love, just go all out How to transcend our mental model Tear down the wall in your mindOnce the heart sets limits on oneself, many actions after that will follow this execution.The change in our mental model is too powerful.When we read, we only extract the first and last letters, and our brain helps to lick out the other letters.This is why when we memorize a word, we can easily recognize a word, but we may not be able to write it.This is very similar to the pregnant woman effect. You will automatically replenish what you think about yourself and in your mind, what this world is like. The reason for this is because these are all you want to see."The Story of the Pig and the Driver"The ‘mental mode’ is what we call the "thinking mode" or "mindset"With the "lucky mode" installed in your heart, you will continue a virtuous circle, and you will increasingly believe that you are the lucky oneA story about running a mile in 4 minutesHuman physical fitness is limited, but this limit is far higher than we thought.What really limits us is the invisible wall in our thinking.Diminishing marginal effect of moneyIn today's changing world, our greatest danger is not external pressure and competition, but our inner patterns, which determine what we see, what we feel, how we think, and who we ultimately become. Success is always a small probability event Don't be fooled by celebrity success stories Colonel KFC's 1009 failures Will persistence will succeed Can you succeed by imitating Bill Gates? You are dead Can you succeed with hard work? Look at Li Ka-shing’s entrepreneurial miracle Success is getting closer You are very successful nowStallone's pre-famous storyThis story is worthy of reflection, adopt what you think is worth learning, and remove the dross.Most of the contradictions and conflicts are because both parties are insisting on their own form, not the result. They hurt others under the banner of love and are also persevering. One of the three poisons in Buddhism, “fascination” refers to this obsession with form. Rather than the resulting behavior.As long as you keep going, you will succeed.Chapter 9 Growing up as you arePancreatitis Agua Feelings cannot be weighed on a scale Happiness is not for talking Personality is not measured I want to ask questions about my life Don't use your life to ignite the halo in the eyes of others A warm plan for the cruel world Life is a tripod, which kind are you Mordang Funnel Reduce work during these three time periodsThere is a rule that is very useful to people. ——You can see what a person feels that he is lacking, just watch what he keeps emphasizing.What kind of person am I going to be?How will this world change differently because of me?Give up, sometimes more courage than persistence!You can be unsuccessful, but you can't fail to grow.This moment is different because of me, and I am more exciting because of this world.Aumentio del dolor y el debito de una fistúla pancreática secundarioObjetivosIntolerancia a la AE Ilio proloongado Causas de alimentaciín parental Imposibilidad de progresión de la sonda hacia el yeyunoComplementación de la AEPrevención La evolusión de esta enfermdad es muy variable y puede ser desde muy leve a mortal Grasas Hidratos de carbono1-1,5 g /kg/díaVitaminas EnergíaProteínas Are you living in your parents' scriptMy parents are happyI am happy with the win-win game of my parentsOn the board of directors of life, you will always be the largest shareholderBe yourself or act yourselfHow our happiness is lostWe lost ourselvesInstead of withering in waiting, it's better to bloom in actionSpend part of your past and buy the futureA bad start is equal to a third of successReducir secresión de enzimas pancreaticas - Regular la respuesta inflamatoria -Tratar la DN - Eviitar el consumo de alcoholSeguir una dista equilibrada y no consumir muchas grasasErradicar el consumo de alcohol, mejora significativamente los sintomas y el pronóstico a largo plazo 30% del VCT:Empleo de AG de cadena media y corta Si la PA es de origen hipertrigliceridémicoControlar el aporte Mantener las concentraciones sanguíneas por debajo de los 400mg/dl50% del VCT por via arental Si la PA es de origen alcoholico Cubrir los requerimientos y suplementar en caso de carencias Si no se dispone de calorimetría indirecta Calcular mediante la ecuación de Harris-BenedictValor que se multiplicara por un factor de corrección de 1,2 y 1, 5 Life is good, maybe there is only one shortcoming, that is not the life you really love.We need to think about why some people’s ideas seemed ridiculous or even funny at the time, but time has proved them correct.Comparing, jealousy, and desire are the source of our unhappiness. Reduce our desires. Don't want to be fulfilled in everything. That would be very tiring. We all understand the truth that the moon will make a loss and the water will overflow."You, you are better" there is no way, you really have your own life and world.Pahom ComplexThere are only two kinds of people in the world-one uses money for happiness, and the other uses happiness for money.Conquer fear and anxiety with action, hesitation and hesitation will only encourage your fear.Everything is difficult at the beginning, stick to it. . .All valuable things are hard-won.The rolling stone does not grow moss, and does not gather wealth when changing careers.The decisions you make when you are excited are simply not enough to keep you going.You are afraid that everything will not start perfectly, and you want to wait until there is perfection to start, so that you can't start."The story about Churchill's painting"-tell us if you don't have a good start, you might as well try a bad start. A bad start is better than nothing.