President Lincolin
President Johnson
Radical Republicans
Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction (1863)
Lincoln wanted to reconstruct the state government in the south so that the Unionists were in charge not the secessionists.
Wade-Davis Bill (1864)
this bill required 50% of the voters of a state to take the loyalty oath
Freedmen's Bureau
provided early welfare agency, food, shelter, medical aid for those who got affected by the war the most
all former leaders of the confederacy
confederates with more than $20,000 in taxable property
Southern States
ratified the 13th amendment to abolish slavery
black codes
prohibited blacks from renting or borrowing money to buy land
placed freedmen into a form of semibondage by forcing them to sign work contracts
prohibited blacks from testifying whites in court
civil rights act of 1866
announced all African Americans citizens of the United states
14th Admendment
declared all persons born in the united states were citizens
obligated the states to respect the rights of the us citizens and provide them with "equal protection of the laws" and "due process of law"
15th Admendment
in 1869 they secured the vote for african americans