speak up against - speak publicly against the idea
walk out - go on strike (huelga)
take up: accept and become involved, start doing sth
hold back: not say what you think, stop it from having an effect (back means controlling)
spell out - explain in detail
bunking off - not go to school
turns out - in the end; after all, the result is, apparently, that's what happens
call for - demand sth, asking
turn into - became, turning into: becoming
put across - communicate
taking up: starting
looking back: remembering
fit in: feel part of the group
beat yourself up: blame yourself
put you off: discourage you
giving up: stopping
go away: disappear, leave
carrying on: continuing
go through: experience
line up: make sure it's ready
light up: light a cigarette
hang out: spend time with
stick with: continue doing it as planned
stub out: extinguish
coming up: becoming, happening soon
builds up: increases
sweep through: move quickly
set out: prepare and organize, establishing
come up with: think of, invent, develop
come down to: reduced to that
carry out: implement; put into practice, do
sum up: summarize
stand by: ignore one problem
fight off: stop the fire
step into: go inside
going on: happening; taking place
working out: thinking of a way to trick you
fall for: believe what they do is true
thought out: planned very carefully
talking you into: convincing you
marking down: reducing the price
end up: finally do it
pop into: informal way to say go inside
pick up: buy, to get the mortgage (hipoteca)
walk out: leave the shop
find out: discover
trick you into: make you believe sth using tricks
think it through: consider it carefully
moving away: using a different system
saving up
be around: have exist
taking over: it will soon be
rolling out: making it available
set up: make the arrangenments
catching on: becoming popular
weighing up: considering
phased out: we should gradually stop using it
losing out: be the one to suffer the consequences
getting into: place sbdy in the situation
track down: search and find
work out: find a way to do sth
cut down on: reduce the amount we use
throw away: put in the bin
ends up: what happens in the end
coming back
washing up
top up: refill or put more water in it
live up to: do what they promised
bring in: introduce
backed up: supported with laws
drawn up: written and made
step up: take more responsibility and do something
sneaking around, lurk around: moving quietly or secretly
hang around: spend time somewhere doing nothing
slip in: climb through windows (not negative as sneak in
sneak in: break into a space secretly
sneak out, slip out: leave secretly or quietly
break out: leave a place illegally or using force
sneak away: leave secretly or quietly
conjure up: make you think of something
bring about: make something happen; cause it
pointed out: what happens in the end
got away with it: it's on the table again
jot down: write
is out: is not done any more
is in: is the new way of doing things; is popular
settle on: decide
picking them up: learning them
hop onto: get on the bike (saltar sobre)
pump up: increase
make up: forme sth, make part of sth
stressed out: very stressed
hold onto: keep; remember it
come up with: create or appear with sth
flagged up: idea of improving or emphasizing sth
hand over: give or transfer money (over means changing from hand to hand)
root out: search or find the right companies, searching or finding
pay out: provide the money to someone
scale it down: reduce sth
seeking out: searching or finding.
following through: someone is actually going ahead and doing sth, (hrough means completing)
is up: up is used quite often with the idea of something improving or increasing.
settle down: remain stable
takes up: it has that place
back up: make a copy of sth
be off: leave a place.
break down: stop working, fail
burst into: suddenly start doing sth, changing very quickly from one state to the other
call off: cancel or decide not to do sth
come across: meet or find by chance
drop off: leave someone or something at a destination
look up: improve or get better
run out: be finished
turn down: reject or not accept sth
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