Bonza Australia

Bonza Australia
Australia.... innovative and supports innovation a country with a plan for growth and prosperity economically strong and is strengthening its foundations
..prioritises R&D safe, stable and secure resilient connected to global growth markets
...offers plenty of quality jobs and a world-class, well-trained and motivated workforce - talented workforce
..offers outstanding quality of life, spectacular liveability and is home to people with a sunny disposition a sustainability leader
...offers access to capital for all types of businesses and endeavours
...cherishes freedom fun and a playground of adventure and creativity a great place to raise kids delivering future-ready infrastructure for the community and businesses
...connects industry with researchers, educators and industry
...actively supports ecosystems and encourages talent development zones
transport, airports, seaports pro business and is home to heaps of world-class firms
...easy to do business well-regulated with clear rules for doing business tranparent and fair
...promotes and encourages a start-up culture a low risk country
offers a smart balance of taxes, regulation, government services and free enterprise
...long-term strategic for future-facing industries
...rewards a culture of innovation healthy and supports healthy, active lifestyles
..''can do'' culture
..home to ''high-performing'', ''winning'' firms eco systems''