HRM Mind Map

Human Resource Management
Role of HRM
Talent Manager
Employee Advocate
Strategic Partner
Legal Adviser
HR function expert
Organization Ambassador
Board and senior executive resource counsellor
Change and Cultural transformation catalyst
Manager set of objectives
Competitive Strategies
Cost Leadership
Department Managers and Strategy Planning
Help devise the plan
Formulate supporting functional/departmental strategies
Execute the strategic plans
Strategic HRM tools
Strategy Map
HR scorecard
Digital Dashboard
Basic HR scorecard Relationships
HR activities
Emergent Employee Behaviors
Strategically relevant organizational outcomes
Organizational Performance
Achieve strategic goals
Employee Testing and Selection
Types of Information Collected
Work Activities
Human requiremnts
Job context
Performance Standards
Human behaviors
Machines tools, equipments, and work aids.
Role of Human Resource Management
Job Analysis
Uses of Job Analysis Information
Recruitment and selection
Performance Appraisal
Methods for Collecting Job Analysis Information
Quantitative Job Analysis
Position Analysis Questionaire
Department of Labor Procedure
Functional Job Analysis
Writing Job Descriptions
Job Identification
Job Specification
Working Conditions
Standards of Performance
Authority of the incumbent
Responsibilities and Duties
Job Summary
Writing Job Specification
For trained versus untrained personnel
Based on judgment
Based on statistical analysis
Job Design
Job Enlargement
Job Rotation
Job Enrichment
Personnel Planning and Recruiting
Forecasting Personnel Needs
Trends Analysis
Ration Analysis
Scatter Plotting
Forecasting The Supply of Inside Candidates
Forecasting Tools
Qualification Inventory
Manual systems and replacement charts
Computerized skills inventories
The Need for Effective Recruiting
Recruiting Challenges
Effectiveness of chosen recruiting methods
Effects of non-recruitment issues and policies
Legal requirements associated with employment laws
Advantages of Centralizing Recruiting Efforts
Facilities Strategic
Reduces duplication of HR activities
Ensures compliance with EEO laws
Fosters effective use of online recruiting
Hiring from Within Tasks
Posting open job positions
Rehiring former employees
Succession planning
Types of Employment Agencies
Public agencies
Nonprofit agencies
Private agencies
Internal Recruiting Sources
The Management Process
Management Process
New HR Service Groups
Transactional HR
Corporate HR
Embedded HR
Centers of Expertise
Employee Referrals and Recommendations
External Recruiting Sources
Employment Agencies
Executive Search Firms
Job Fairs
Schools, Colleges, and Universities
Online Recruiting
Employer Websites
Job Boards
Social Media
Importance of Selecting the Right Employee
Organizational Performance
Costs of Recruiting and Hiring
Legal Obligation and Liability
Types of Validity
Criterion validity
Content validity
Types of Test
Major Test
Basic skills tests
Job skills tests
Psychological tests
Background Investigation
Sources of Information
Former Employees
Current Supervisors
Commercial Credit Rating Companies
Written References
Social Networking Sites
The Selection Process
Completing the Application Form
Pre-employment Testing
Comprehensive Interviews
Conditional Job Offers
Background Investigation
Medical/Physical Examination
Job Offers
Performance Management and Appraisal
Performance Appraisal
Performance Management
Guidlines for Effective Goal Setting
Set Smart Goals
Assign Specific Goals
Assign Measurable Goals
Assign Challenging/doable goals
Encouraging Participation
Performance Appraisal Roles
The Supervisor’s Role
The HR Department’s Role
Usually do the actual appraising
Must be familiar with basic appraisal techniques
Must understand and avoid problems that can cripple appraisals
Must know how to conduct appraisals fairly
Serves a policy-making and advisory role.
Provides advice and assistance regarding the appraisal tool to use.
Trains supervisors to improve their appraisal skills.
Monitors the appraisal system effectiveness and compliance with EEO laws.
Designing the Appraisal Tool
What to Measure?
How to Measure?
Work output (quality and quantity)
Personal competencies
Goal (objective) achievement
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