From questions to problems.

From questions to problems.Distinguishing practical and research problemsUnderstanding the common structure of problemsFinding a good research problemLearning to work with problemsSignificance of a problem Practical problemsAcademic research problemsWhat should we doWhat should we thinkHow to solve itResearch problemAnswering a question that helps us understanding it better.Same two-part structurePractical problemsConceptual problemsCondition CostJudge by the readerDevelops a big problem So whatSo whatCondition UnderstandingCosta Consequence of understandingSo whatSo what"Pure" and "applied" researchPureAppliedNo practical solutionIt has a practical solutionUnderstandDoPractical cost in a conceptual question Application of the understandingAsk for helpLook for problems as you readLook at your own conclusionFinding new problems to solveCan I solve it?Recognize a problemWill readers think it should be?Articulate ConvinceTeacher, classmates, relativesContaditions, incomplete explanationsCritical reading
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