Super EA Workshop

Super EA WorkshopObjectives Cordinate BetterBecome Systematic and Planned Better MeetingsBe Super Organised 5x Better Delegations and Follow up for you Improve Communication and Social SkillsMakes you IndespensibleWay to be Indespensible at Work Dont be Afriad to Take the Lead Embrace Change , Hold the mind set that change provide opprotunity and Problem Solving Always go the extra mils needed to do the work you are paid to do ! the difference between xtraordinary and ordinary is xtra Take Initiative - where you find the problem just solve it Anticipate your boss needs and makes yourself invaluable Help the boss meet the goalsFocus more on the work that maters, not the works that spins the wheelsAmi for excellence in every piece of work you do Technology to become superefficentSaving TimeBetter Orgiansided Better Follow upAdding ValueSuper EATechnology 10-24-7 RuleUse the Information with in 10 min of Learning Use the Information with in 24 Hrs(Apply in Homeworks, Study, Warms UpReview the Same again in 7 days Practice it in your schdule to make it a habit of using it if it save time, organise you, automate you and add value Email HabitsTechnology is Causing Massive Change to our lives and Business - Solar PlantsElectic Car , BikesCasj - Cashless- Use Digital Courier boys to Drone DeliveriesDedicated Servie to Live Cloud Servers 2005 - 128 MB-128 GBSaving Time Check Email -3-4 Time /Day Never do that First thing in the morning do the MITS FirstDisable Email on Phone In Some Situation it is imporatant or simple to meet and call personally Use Filters and Canned Response and Automate mailsKeyboard Shortcuts To see Shortcut Press Shift+? Key Link to Gmail ShortcutsAdd Video Link Time Saving Setting and Functions General Setting Show 100 Mails Show 250 Contacts Per pageKeyboard Shortcuts onShow Indicators - Showing arrow () by a message sent to me and Double Arrow for Message sent only to me Undo Sent on up to 30 SecSave the changes to act 1.Add Video Link Cut Email by 80% by Using Priority Inbox and Indicaters by DivisionSettings InboxPriority Inbox Imp and Unread StarredAll to Othes Everything ElseUnread item in the First BoxShow Imp Marker - Mark as ImpUse past action to see which email are impoOverride Filter - Include imp message in inbox that may have been filtered outSave the Changes to Act Automate Frequent Email witjh Filter Set Filter to all email straight going to label, Delelte,Star, or Automaticaly Foward to you email Create all the filter Check Video to apply Automate your email by Canned Resposnes Automatic Response to Customer ProfileNews and other Creating Multiple SignatureSend Intro Auto Email Sending Bank Services and Supports DocsSending follow up reqestsCheck the Video LinkVideo Link Narrow you search Undo Sent Search with Keywords from:amy OR from:davidfilename:(jpg OR Jpeg OR png)after:2014/04/30 before:2014/05/06Hover Actions Undo Sent in 30 Sec you can do Right Side Symbols have Options to delete , Archive , Mark as read and Snooze the email option - you can use straiight no need to openDictate MessageAdd Google Chrome Built in Speech Add on in Chrom Web Store You can dictate the message in 32 Langauges thenSave time in typing - Just Dictate Snooze Email Shedule Email up to 49 YearsGet Email Back - snooze it for many time Select all email and Snooze whenever you want them to come back Shedule Email Up to 49 Years Do all Automated Weekly Follow for Weekly Report is an exampleGoogle Assistant Gboard Dictate, instead of Typing on Phone Covert any Calculation Navigate to Samrat HotelShow nearby Petrol PumpSchdule Wake up at 4 amMeeting at 5 Pm Time in Chicago Ask any question any question Age of Aishwariya - You age Get Work Done Sned Whatsapp to Shruti Remind me in 2 hr to call shrutiOpen Camera Calculter watchOther CommandsOpen Google Account Setting Show my Google Serach hisoty My upcoming billsWhat does my day look like tommarrowWhere is the nearby Coffe ShopWhat are good places in new york Trun Wifi offTurn off my FlashlightVoice Typing Search and Send anything from google - Shops , video , images Emoji Search Glide Typing See the Video See the Video AttachedBetter Orgiansed ToolsTime Management It is more valuable then Money Phone Google Calender Schdules Delegating Calender Create Team Calender Using Inbuilt /Special CalenderSteps to Plan you Week Write Task and Meeting with Time and DateRepeat for all to be repeated Daily , Weekly, Monthly See your calender on daily basis TO Save on Time Delegate work to AsstsStart Early and Check what is done Check Video for Using the Calneder Share the CalenderTodo Captue ideas Calender Dicatation TrainerTranslater DirectionsAudio Books World Radio Visiting Card ScannersScannershow to OrganiseQuick Capture IdeasTo Dicsus ClarificationsInvoicesReservations AppointmentsTodosRefeence infoContact infoNOtesGoogle Keep See the Training Video NotesListsImagesCollabrate in Notes in Real Time Color Code and Add Label to Notes to Quick SearchSync all places Set a Location Base Reminder Check Video Create To do for Department AccHrShare the Same with DoersAsk them to mark done Once Capture Delegate Auto As you make the list and Collaborate it will show to all Whatever add will be auto matically deligated Microsoft SMS Organiser- Best App for AndriodMessage Sorting Smart OTP Detection Google Dive Integration Smart ReminderFree Web SmsCheck Video Link Whatsapp WebDrupe - RecorderCallerManagerActions with no need of saving number - call , w-app,sms,reminder Check Video - get Drupedelegation Sheet Check Add Delegation by Form Check Revision Dalays AutoFollow up Dashbards Add valueGrammerlyGoogle forms Check Video Sahre Docs in a Flash form Sheet Given Make a Copy and Conigure Convert any PDF to any FormatSmall PdfSplit , Mege, Convet PDFUSE www.Iovepdf.comAutomated Personal GreetingsPDFCANDY.ComCopy Script Seet the Video Implement Calendly Calendly hellp you book meeting w/o back and forth by showing all free slotsShare the Calender and they can book the time It will sync with Google Calender and Show the Free time and Block the CalnederSee Video Check how it works JITSICreate your own VC roomsLow Bandwidth Open Source Unlimiated UserUse you name in 1 SecCheck videoDigitize Old Photos Photo Scan by Google Take Image Do ediing on colors It will save in Google Photos Files go Free you PhotoFind FilesShare Files offilineEncypted File SharingsBack up to CloudEffective Storage Management File GoMOM Recording Format Take teh Format Use the Format
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